Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi guys
I have introduced myself to blogging from the iPhone. That's right. I will be sharing my idle chatter from any and all places where today's oxygen (read 3g) is available.


maxdavinci said...

phoneblogging doesnt count as a post unless its 700 words. For that you must be a super geek or have the fingers of a worker bee.

try twitter from teh fone, leave blogging to the clucky laptop..

Liberal said...

point taken!

Perception said...

Cool! Blog away

Anjana R said...

yay! a post is a post. regardless of size or place of origin.
you continue from your iphone ma.

avalok ishwar said...

we await the pearls of wisdom .. as they emanate from any and all places..

chocoliciousgal said...

u have an iphone.. cool :)...good for u da

Liberal said...

@perception, anjana, avalok, choco:
I truly appreciate the support!

rambuna said...

blog any way... but blog and let us know what u are upto! ( that is.. what you can share!)