Monday, August 17, 2009

Pol khuli

The things we say whilst in a relationship but don't really mean

  1. "Yes, you were the first."
  2. "Yes, you are the last."
  3. "Trust me, they're big enough." (Actually this does work both ways!) (I am getting a FRIENDS flashback.)
  4. "Of course I noticed the new earrings."
  5. "She was just a crush."
  6. "You are right. I didn't know what I was thinking."
  7. "I never understood (insert random topic) until I discussed it with you."
  8. "Of course I can cancel beer with the guys."
  9. "I was thinking about you."
  10. "I think sports are pedestrian."
  11. "I don't read action novels, I'm more into non-fiction political journalistic writings."
  12. "I think sex is overrated; we should get to know each other first."
  13. "Sex is best when you're in love."
  14. "I was stuck in traffic."
  15. "I was at (insert random friend)'s house."
  16. "I hate shopping, but with you, somehow, it is fun."
  17. "I don't know her."
  18. "Seriously, I mean it, I don't know her."
  19. "Your mom is wonderful."
  20. "You're right, your dad is the best man I know."

You guys are welcome to add more.


buddy said...

i love you. no really.

maxdavinci said...


Liberal said...

I believe you...;)

Aamaa daa...konjum experience...konjum extrapolation...konjum fabrication!

chocoliciousgal said...

Shit...ROFL :D...nice man :)

Sneha said...

a little sexist, a little cliched, but a lot of truth! :)

Ram said...

how old are you??

Liberal said...


Come on...comedy has to be on the edge of the line of political correctness (which is the elevation of sensitivity over truth)!

Old enough to be pragmatic about relationships, not that old that I am cynical. Thanks for visiting.

Rational Vs Irrational said...

how abt a simple "yes" tht Doesnt mean u agree but meant to b

Perception said...

I remember your birthday, aniversary and all important dates in our lives, trust me I do.

Liberal said...

Nice one

That's a lie too, but not one that we can maintain for too long because we give ourselves away too easily