Sunday, January 13, 2008

From Monkeys to...Darwin

The Harbhajan Singh case is a classic case of "He said, she said." Maybe I'm way off, but ties go to the defendant in a civilized society which the ICC seems to be. There were three people involved in the situation: Bhajji, Symonds and Sachin. Symonds accused Bhajji of a racial slur against him, which Bhajji denies. (something he need not do; he can keep his mouth shut and ask that Symonds build a case. His vehement denial is his choice, not a compulsion)
Sachin, the only other witness, supports Bhajji.
Only a police state can convict a person on charges corroborated only by the alleged victim. One may as well conduct this trial under the gavel of Vladimir Putin.
I have to agree with Sunil Gavaskar on this issue. While his righteous indignation may occlude his correctness but he is right on the money here.
As to the Aussie media digging info on how the Indian players are the worst violators, this actually goes to prove our long time charge of racism in the cricket community.
The day the Aussies accuse someone of racism and unfair play is pot callin the kettle "african american."