Saturday, March 22, 2008

The first sighting

Many guys fall in love. They fall in love all the time, many times and fall out too. In most cases, it starts with that moment. The moment when he sees her for the first time. Most relationships start with infatuation, a physical attraction. People confuse that with sexual desires, but the truth is it is not really sexual. It is sublime in that the world starts fading away when he sees her. She need not even notice him. In fact, rarely do they notice the guy, coz not all guys are obvious when they stare. They cannot help but stare.
There is a zoom-in effect on her while everything else zooms out. Music really does start playing in the mind. Somehow she captivates him without saying a word. This beats all possible scientific explanations. It reminds us that we do not question science enough for what is science if not questioning?
The air gets a smell unfelt before. Worldly ideas, possessions and goals matter little then. Time does not really freeze, but he doesn't care about it passing. All he can think of...well he is thinking little her. There is nothing purer than a genuine appreciation of true beauty, probably purer than the beauty itself.
He does not expect her to talk to him. He probably does not even want it. Nothing material, sensory or even sensual should disturb this pristine moment. It is just him and his thoughts with the mere sighting, smelling, sounds and very rarely, touch of her. It is a homogeneous, clear feeling blanched by the very light skimming her skin or apparel. A description of this moment is an insult in itself. It needs an enormous ego to foolishly attempt to dimensionally crush it into words, gestures or sounds.
Someone has to do it.
To the unfortunate ones who have never felt this, let me attempt to give you a horrible black & white vga version of a 100Mpixel view. Well, you know what, that is what I have done so far.
This ends, as it must, with a sincere apology to those who have felt this emotion as I have wronged them almost fatally by brutalizing their beautiful moments into crass, crude words bereft of timely punctuation.
What can I say...we don't control what we write...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Average

You feel bad because you are average
I say you are the most gifted, for
Life is built for you, o common man
And you are tailor-made for this world

Your ambitions are lower, ditto expectations
Your disappointments run lower
There is no fear of acceptance, as,
Society craves affiliation with its own

You fit in well, I don't, I am
Hated yet cannot change myself
Cynicism and loneliness are my
Crutches in this world of ostracism

The average have everything in the world
Ability to enjoy everyday humor
The enjoyment in laboring over a puzzle
The attention of women who need a person
Slower than them to make them secure

Their attention is never divided
Ability to focus on mundane tasks
Is one of their discerning qualities
What can I say, they have all
That life asks

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Masks we wear

I wish for a day when
the masks will be shed
the faces we proudly own
Will truly be read

There is nothing that we
Must fear to say or do
But what we truly feel
Why must we skew

I can never get over
The fear of disagreement
Of rejection and rebuke
So I hesitate to declare
What I feel or think
But little do I know
Where you stand to look

I know in depths of my heart
That you fear the same
While you are brazenly aware
I share your affliction

Yet we pretend nothing is wrong
To maintain this outwardly calm
So we waste time and energy
In putting up a sham

Maybe we are not meant to agree
With each other nor with anyone else
So shed thy mask and I will shed mine
And we won't get along just fine