Saturday, March 1, 2008

Masks we wear

I wish for a day when
the masks will be shed
the faces we proudly own
Will truly be read

There is nothing that we
Must fear to say or do
But what we truly feel
Why must we skew

I can never get over
The fear of disagreement
Of rejection and rebuke
So I hesitate to declare
What I feel or think
But little do I know
Where you stand to look

I know in depths of my heart
That you fear the same
While you are brazenly aware
I share your affliction

Yet we pretend nothing is wrong
To maintain this outwardly calm
So we waste time and energy
In putting up a sham

Maybe we are not meant to agree
With each other nor with anyone else
So shed thy mask and I will shed mine
And we won't get along just fine


rambuna said...

very is managed by masks we wear!