Thursday, September 18, 2008


He looked at her again and sighed. How he longed to look at her without having to pretend to look elsewhere! She rearranged her dupatta and smiled.

"So, are you coming?", the annoying sidekick asked. Every pretty girl has a sidekick - an average looking, boring and sorta unintelligent one hanging around. Maybe it was for sheer contrast, to make the pretty one more desirable, he thought.

He looked from the sidekick to the belle. She paused. His heart pounded. She said, "No thanks. I will go with him."

He had no idea how to deal with such happiness. He grinned like an idiot; and then hid it behind a cough.

Actually, he was praying for this for many days by get some alone time with her. Now that he got it though, he was apprehensive. He wanted to say many things, but instead chatted idly about the weather and the upcoming Chem II test.

God! How his friends would hate him now! They would disown him. After all the moaning and groaning he did in front of them about her beauty and allure, here he was - a golden opportunity for an intimate conversation, and he was blowing it away on Divesh sir's exams, and the rain, which is a topic on which every Mumbaiite can speak volumes.

Finally, he exhaled heavily; curses himself and decided to take the plunge. He inhaled deeply, held his breath and said the three words.

She stared at him; he turned. He had never seen such a poker-face. He was afraid and yet excited to hear the answer.

He had his back to her now, too apprehensive to know the answer. He turned to her, and heard her say, and saw her mouth the inevitable words. He had known the answer all along, but he had to ask.


buddy said...

wel written
also because its straight from the heart!
just hope u-know-who doesnt have ur blogs url...or should i give it to her?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Very romantic!
The idle chatter about meaningless things at a time like that - been there my friend, been there! It is a syndrome for which there is no cure, and very few people are immune to it!

Liberal said...

@buddy: Thanks

@sthitapragnya: I see what you mean!

Phoenix said...

the story from her side wdnt be any different... ;)

Liberal said...

It wasn't! True story!

rambuna said...

romantic..i think i know who is it!