Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to a muffin

There are desserts and there are other desserts. Some are nice, but most are heavy. To me, a dessert should be heavy. I must regret having learned to eat after eating the dessert. There is no other way to enjoy it. Here, I am talking about a muffin.

I don't know why I love it so much. Probably because of the wonderful exterior, probably because of the moist goodness locked inside that only the truly worthy can access, or probably because of the fulfillment it provided me without me realizing it ever. Now we all know that they are fattening, and probably sinful, but a muffin along with a chocolate cheesecake can be pure heaven.

I love food like I love women…well…a woman! She would kill me if I use the plural in a cavalier fashion!

Here's to my muffin…there can never be another…maybe there can, but I don't want another one ever. All I need is time to acquire it, and to enjoy it, but there seems less of either.

(To my dear readers: I apologize for the truly indulgent post. It has no purpose of entertaining, nor of informing. It does not seek to encourage, entice or to ensnare in witty dialogue. It is merely a whim of mine, but I need it all the same.)


kusublakki said...

Sigh! I just rejected the offer for three chocolate muffins..only to reads your post a minute later!

Nothing beats the classic sundaes..with brwonies, vanilla ice cream and hot hot chocolate, and bit of nuts :D

buddy said...

have u had muffin shots?
yes alcohol in the flavour of your favourate muffin..they're deadly

maxdavinci said...

sapaaduku oru post a!

this is what we call in our gaon as muffin-fetish....

Liberal said...

Muffins are very addictive...I need not say more huh!

Ille muffin shots yet, but now that you mention it....!

Appadidaan! Saapadu is the be all and end all of our lousy imitation of life!

Anonymous said...

"An Ode to Muffin" -- Nice!

Anonymous said...

"moist goodness", "wonderful exterior" - what an insight! for a muffin.."women"?????!!!!

Liberal said...

You were the first one to get it that it is about women...but it is actually about a wonderful woman!

Phoenix said...

confirmed.. ur in love

anyway.. yea even i thought it was more like describin a woman ;)

i like the way u express ur feelings in ur posts..

lucky she :)

Liberal said...

Thanks...looks like she feels the same way too!