Tuesday, November 17, 2009


How do u interpret wat eyes say?
What about power of suggestion?
How do you control for the answers we wanna see or hear?
What psychological expts can we run secretly
and when can we arrive at enough data
to remove internal error? Terminal 3 JFK,
a year and yet not enuf data. Somehow the head wants to
trust and a normal head would,
but this one has been so careful
believing that trusting and getting fooled
is better than never trusting at all,
but secretly believing that paranoia is good,
turning data requirements so conservative
that one lifetime becomes inadequate.
The paranoia becomes a permanent companion.
And later a guiding force so powerful
that it influences bad decisions known to disrupt.
Man is by nature destructive.
We find rationalizations for it.
Shut down and start again.
Burn our way through.
Covering so much ground.
Spiralling out of control.
One effect the cause for another
taunting linearity.
Complexity from simplicity.
The rule of the universe.
What makes hearts beat?
This myogenicity is so different
from the weapons that end civilizations
which are made from the same elementary particles.
This is life and philosophically endless
while there is a very real end.
Nothing goes on forever but
nothingness is eternal.


yaaro Oruvan said...

taunting linearity,complexity from simplicity-that's great semantics.good reading.impressive.

buddy said...

engeyo start panni, engeyo pona mari irukku!

Perception said...

Nice one

Liberal said...

@yaaro oruvan

Come on...the poem has lines like taunting linearity...ippo athe poem na varacha koda thaandaathaa?


avalok ishwar said...

"a year and yet not enuf data.." beta, PhD stand for 'piled high and deep". much piling remains ! Of course, after all the piling, one stands back (because the stench is too strong), and wonders.. hmm, WTF?