Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things we do that prove we are stupid

  1. We read horoscopes early in the morning newspaper, and proceed on our days trying to match the horoscope with our choices, and then read them again at night, and then marvel at the accuracy of said horoscope.
  2. We check our email to see stupid forwards that we hate anyway but forward them anyway.
  3. We speak loudly to people having hearing-aids.
  4. We speak extra loudly to blind people.
  5. When we are walking on the road, and we get a call on our cell phone, we stop and talk.
  6. When we answer our phone, and we hear no one at the other end, the tone of our "hello" varies from short and normal to long and high pitched, as if the right frequency would squeeze an answer from the other person.
  7. We have personal laptops, iPods and cell phones and complain that people are no longer friendly and approachable.
  8. We watch trendsetting TV shows to learn what to do, and then watch trend spotting shows to see if everyone is doing what we do.
  9. We claim that our privacy is invaded, when we have no problems writing our every thought on blogs.


buddy said...

as always
sarcasm is ur middle name

Liberal said...

Well I started writing with a bigger ambition, but somehow writer's block took over

rydhun said...

hi bharat,
are you anusha's cousin.. u write well..rather sarcastic.. this one is good..

Liberal said...

Ya I am Anusha's cousin..thanks! I like your blog too